Epidemias de gusanos en redes wireless adhoc

Interesante artículo que encontrado en el arxiv esta mañana. Esta en inglés (el idioma de la ciencia hoy en dia) y los autores nos muestran un estudio sobre la propagación de infecciones en redes wifi( para redes bluetooth tambien val) mediante simulaciónes montecarlo. Podeis obtenerlo en formatos:

A continuación os dejo con el abstract:

"A dramatic increase in the number of computing devices with wireless communication capability
has resulted in the emergence of a new class of computer worms which specifically target such devices.
The most striking feature of these worms is that they do not require Internet connectivity for their
propagation but can spread directly from device to device using a short-range radio communication
technology, such as WiFi or Bluetooth. In this paper we develop a new model for epidemic spreading
of these worms and investigate their spreading in wireless adhoc networks via extensive Monte Carlo
simulations. Our studies show that the threshold behaviour and dynamics of worm epidemics in
these networks are greatly affected by a combination of spatial and temporal correlations which
characterise these networks, and are significantly different from the previously studied epidemics in
the Internet."

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